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43+ years in the Medical industry

43+ Years Of Experience in the Medical industry

IN 1978, al Mudafar stepped first i the field of Medical, scientific and laboratory Equipment, accessories and consumables to serve health, science,and technology sector in Yemen. in this long run , it had successfully helped almost all the major departments of hospitals and laboratories, Universities, Medical centers and many other areas of government and also the ever-blooming private sectors in the region, in fact, it has become one of the top most and leading Medical company's

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We build our reputation on reliability, sound business ethics and highest level of performance


At Al-Mudafar Medical corporation

We offer a great work environment for employees to achieve their personal career aspirations and contribute to fulfilling the company's mission .

Our mission

We eagerly do our best to be superior day after day to provide high quality specialized devices in every thing related to the field of health care through our extensive experience and our presence spread throughout the region

Our 43+ Years Working Experience

Al-Mudafar Medical has been since 1978

Our vision

AL-Mudafar always look forward to being the pioneer in providing high quality Medical devices and permanent service to the customers.